Walking through the
hospitalization process

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Whether it is you or a person with whom you are concerned, needing mental health support, we commend you for taking the first step to seek resources. Times like these are often stress and anxiety provoking. The process can also be confusing at times. We are dedicated to making the process as stress free and clear for you as possible. Let us help!

Our Assessment and Referral Department is available 24 hours 7 days per week to answer questions and help navigate your current needs. To best serve you, they will start by asking questions such as your name, where you live, phone number, etc. In addition, they will ask about what prompted you to call at that time. You will be invited to come in for an assessment at no cost.

The assessment allows the opportunity to meet with a qualified clinician to meet you, or the person of concern, to gather more information about your current concerns and needs. Please be prepared to answer questions that may seem personal. It is necessary to determine the best way we can help you. Every effort is made to help you feel comfortable through this process.

The assessment will help determine how your needs can best be met. This may include linkage to a community provider or resource, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient or Inpatient care.

If Inpatient hospitalization is necessary, your assessment and referral representative will discuss this with you. There are several forms that will need to be signed including your rights, hospital policies, HIPAA practices, voluntary admission, etc. These are standard forms designed for your protection as a patient. We appreciate your patience with this process. Safety is our priority. For everyone’s protection, there will be an inventory of all your belongings (pockets, socks, shoes, hat, etc). We’ll accompany you to your unit where you will be welcomed by a nurse who will orientate you to that unit, as well as take the opportunity to learn more about you. The first 24 hours often includes meetings with your psychiatrist, medical doctor, therapist and program staff so the team can learn more about you and how to best help.

Riveredge values all of our customers. Your time with us is very important and we want to ensure that your needs are met in a safe and therapeutic environment. Please let us know at any time if your needs are not being met and/or how we can improve our service to you.