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It is our belief that a holistic approach utilizing the expressive arts engages the body, mind, and spirit in the path to wellness. To augment our clinical practices and best meet the individual needs of those we serve, we offer a variety of treatment modalities.

Program Therapists are Master's level or Doctorally prepared. Therapists provide individual, group and family therapy. Our exceptional team of therapists possess certifications and specialties in numerous areas including Spanish speaking, Substance Abuse, Art Therapy and Play Therapy. Therapists are available 7 days per week.

Expressive Therapy is offered through Art, Play, Dance/Movement and Drama. Master's level clinicians provide group therapy 7 days per week. Individual expressive therapy is also available.

In addition to the above expressive therapies, Yoga and Pet Therapy are each offered weekly. Pet Therapy is facilitated through an outside agency that guides the interventions towards specific goals such as impulse control, social skills or empathy.

The Coordinator of Therapeutic Services is a psychologist who is integral to developing plans for those patients requiring more specialized interventions. This person ensures the resources necessary to carry out the plan are available as well as provides leadership, education and clinical support to the staff.

The team of Administrative Milieu Coordinators (AMC's) is Mental Health Associates who have demonstrated expertise and leadership in serving our patients with respect, patience and compassion. They are highly skilled in pre-crisis invention and “float” throughout the hospital providing support to staff and patients as needed. All of our AMC's are certified CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) instructors.

Family Support Group offered